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A Complete Guide to Top Security Home Safe

In the past, people used to rent a safe in the bank to keep important items. However, it’s inconvenient, expensive, and invasive of privacy. With the improvement of safe technology, many people choose security home safes.

A security home safe can avoid the theft of valuables, thereby protecting your property, such as cash, deposit books, passports, jewelry, etc. In addition, a security home safe gives you access to these items anytime and saves money from renting a bank safe. With a high-quality security home safe, you can go out without worries. Therefore, choosing a sturdy and reliable security home safe that suits your needs is necessary.

This article will give some guidelines to help you choose a top security home safe. Follow up and read!

Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Security Home Safe

1. Security Rate

Security home safe ratings are primarily based on the safe’s construction and its ability to prevent entering forcibly. Underwriters Laboratories has evaluated several safes, but not all on the market are rated. Generally speaking, the safe’s rating is high if it has heavy and thick walls and doors. Common security ratings are as follows:

● Level B: It’s recommended for valuables under $5,000.

● Level B/C: It’s suitable for valuables worth up to $10,000.

● Level RSC: It’s recommended to save valuables of $15,000.

● Level C: It’s qualified for saving valuables up to $30,000.

●Level TL-15: The highest security level safes can withstand 15-minute destruction. Therefore, it’s optimal for storing valuables up to $100,000.

2. Waterproof

Waterproof safes can protect valuables from floods, heavy rains, and water leaks which bring costly damage. The factors to consider waterproof rating are based on the location of your house and the safe. For example, dampness is the most concern in flood-prone areas or a basement.

Some safes protect against minor water leakages, such as splashes or shallow water. On the other hand, some safes can be fully submerged in water for a period of time without causing any damage. Therefore, it’s wise to consider a safe with ETL waterproofing in terms of immersion protection. The ETL Testing Laboratories have certified some safes which can withstand a certain level of submersion for a specific period of time.

3. Fire Resistance

Fire is one of the major concerns for most buyers. For example, the National Fire Protection Association states that one in four home fires is severe enough to call the fire department.

UL and Intertek have classified the fire rating of safes based on the type of material and lasting time they protected. For example, in terms of protecting paper documents, the temperature inside the safe should not exceed 350 degrees. If you need to keep computer disks or DVDs from fire, choose a safe with the highest internal temperature under 125 degrees.

Security Home Safes with Different Types of Lock

● Electronic/Digital Lock Safe

It’s a type of common safe that offers a quick and convenient entrance. As long as inputting the correct password, the lock will open soon. Digital locks are reliable and durable because they have less wear and tear. In addition, users can increase the security level of digital locks in certain ways, such as setting time limits, triggering alarms when putting incorrect passwords, etc. However, this type of safe still carries the risk of password theft.

● Fingerprint Lock Safe

This type of safe does not require a key or password to open the lock. It consists of a biometric sensor that records the user’s fingerprints, and only the archived fingerprint can access the safe. It has high-level security, avoiding key or password theft.

● Mechanical Lock Safe

The mechanical lock safe is a traditional type consisting of a lock, rotating dial, and key system. The safe can only be opened when the dial is rotated to the corresponding position with the corresponding key. It is relatively cheap because it doesn’t require batteries. In addition, the lock has a long lifespan with low maintenance costs. However, it’s time-consuming because entering a single number requires rotating the entire dial until the number fits.

● Combination Lock Safe

It’s the most popular type of safe, which fits with the new trend in security safes. The safe can combine with keys, rotating dials, digital passwords, or fingerprints. Only by passing multiply authentication can one opens the safe. It’s versatile and safe, but it’s relatively cumbersome.

Why Choose AIFEIBAO for Your Supplier

security home safe

Established in 2009, AIFEIBAO is a professional, safe manufacturer integrating innovation, industrial integration, and automation. The company owns a construction area of 16,000 square meters, 10 production lines, and 18 factories worldwide.

AIFEIBAO has sophisticated technology and streamlined production to achieve rapid and continuous production. The company is committed to providing a wide variety of safes for families, including cabinet safes, fingerprint safes, luxury safes, deposit safes, etc.

In terms of the security home safe, we provide Luxury Safe Solutions. Our safes equip with luxurious digital panels with multiple levels of security. We also offer automatic LED lighting, custom interiors, and other functions.

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