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Long been worried about these risks?

1. Burnt Files

Paper documents are safe from business secret theft but never an unexpected fire. Keep your files away from fire.

2. Shutdown Electronics

Electronics like USBs, watches, and phones are vulnerable to high temperatures. If they shut down, you may lose the valuable data stored inside.

3. Stop-Working Precise Device

Precise devices consist of exquisite parts, which are fragile but important. Smoke and high temperature will damage these small gears and lead to a stop-working device.

What is a fireproof safe box?

A fireproof safe box is a security device that can withstand high temperatures to protect stored items from being burnt. According to the global standard, a fireproof safe’s interior temperature should be under 177 degrees (the ignition point of paper) after being burnt in a 1000-degree environment for one hour. What makes it stand out from common safe boxes are:

01. Material

A fireproof safe box is manufactured with high-temperature-resistant materials. Usually, the material of the best fireproof safes for home is made of high-quality irons with high endurance to high temperatures, and micro-carbon alloy steel is one of them.

02. Refractory Layer

There is a refractory layer inside the mezzanine of the fireproof safe box, which will absorb all the heat and lower the temperature of the interior, ensuring the safety of the stored files.

03. Structure

The final secret of the best fireproof safes for home is that they use advanced laser cutting technology to create narrow crevices between the door and the body. This increases the airtightness of the fireproof safe box.

Where to find the best fireproof gun safe supplier?

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Best Fireproof Gun Safe

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High-Strength Steel Plate

With more than 12 years in the safe field, AIFEIBAO has built 10 efficient production lines in 18 worldwide factories, supporting its mass production of a comprehensive range of safes.


Large Capacity

A big room for all your pressures. You can store up to 51 guns in AIFEIBAO’s fireproof gun safes, reducing the risk of the guns going off in the fire.


Fingerprint Access

Safe but fast way for you to store and access – with merely a tap of your fingers. Key and password are also available.


Alarm System

Intimidate the thefts with a high-decibel alarm. When the password is incorrect, the AIFEIBAO fireproof safe will shout for 20 seconds in case of thieves steal from your safe.

AIFEIBAO can provide you with fully custom-safe solutions from zero to hero.
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