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All You Need To Know About Safe BurglaryRating

Burglary safe ratings are a crucial aspect to consider when purchasing a safe for valuables. A safe burglary rating determines the safe’s protection against theft, forced entry, and other forms of unauthorized access. This article will discuss the meaning and function of safe burglary rating, two safe rating methods, and burglary rating and classifications.

Meaning and Function of Burglary Safe Rating

The safe burglary rating refers to a standard that measures a safe’s ability to withstand an attempted burglary. It considers various factors contributing to the safe’s security level, including its construction, locking mechanism, and resistance to forced entry. The rating system aims to help buyers make informed decisions when choosing a safe that meets their security needs.

Two Safe Rating Methods 

There are two main methods of rating a safe’s ability to resist burglary – construction and test performance ratings.

– Construction Ratings

Construction ratings evaluate the safe’s structural integrity, including the thickness and quality of the materials used to construct the safe. The rating ranges from B to E, with E being the highest. A safe with a construction rating of E is designed to withstand sophisticated burglary attempts.

– Test Performance Rating

Test performance ratings measure a safe’s ability to withstand different forms of forced entry, such as drilling, prying, and cutting. The rating is determined by conducting various tests on the safe, ranging from TL-15 to TRTL-60X6, with TRTL-60X6 being the highest rating. A safe with a test performance rating of TRTL-60X6 can resist sophisticated forms of forced entry, including the use of high-powered tools.

Burglary Rating and Classifications

Burglary ratings classify safes based on the level of security they provide against burglary attempts. These classifications are determined by construction, test performance rating, and other security features.

  • B-Rate Safes

B-rate safes are constructed with medium to low-level security features and are suitable for storing low-value items such as cash and documents.

  • C-Rate Safes

C-rate safes provide a higher level of security than B-rate safes and are constructed with thicker walls and doors. They are suitable for storing medium to high-value items such as jewelry and firearms.

  • TL-Rate Safes

TL-rate safes are designed to withstand sophisticated forms of forced entry such as drilling, cutting, and prying. They are suitable for storing high-value items such as cash, jewelry, and sensitive documents.

  • TR-Rate Safes

TR-rate safes are the highest-rated and provide the most advanced protection against burglary attempts. They are constructed with advanced security features and can withstand sophisticated forms of forced entry.

AIFEIBAO product recommendation

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Meanwhile, the FDG-A1/D-150-BS is a deluxe biometric safe explicitly designed for watches. Its advanced biometric lock ensures that only authorized individuals can access the timepieces, while its spacious interior provides ample storage space for multiple watches. The safe is also made from high-quality materials and has a sleek and elegant design, making it an excellent addition to any home or office.

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