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Are Fireproof Safes Worthwhile

With the popularity of home safes, people put forward stricter requirements for safety, such as fire protection, waterproofing, etc. Fire resistance is of the major concerns for most buyers. For example, the National Fire Protection Association states that one in four home fires are severe enough to call the fire department. Therefore, many customers choose fireproof safes to protect important documents and cash from a devastating fire.

However, there are plenty of controversies over fireproof safes. Some deem that fireproof safes are not secure enough to protect inside items from theft. Others doubt their capacity for fire resistance may not be enough to preserve the items. Nevertheless, it has been proved that fireproof safes with excellent quality and high protection levels can protect valuables from heavy fire and burglary.

This article will provide guidelines to help you choose a safe and practical fireproof safe. Follow up and keep reading!

Can a Fire Safe Keep Your Valuables Safe From Fire?

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) have tested and classified safes for fire ratings based on material type and duration of protection in a fire. They heated the safes for a specified period to see whether the safe could protect the files. The following are the criteria included in the UL 72 Class 350 Fire Rating:

The temperature inside the safe won’t exceed 350°F (177°C), and paper documents are safe from carbonizing under the following circumstances:

● Heat up to 1200°F in 20 minutes

● Heat up to 1550°F in 30 minutes

● Heat up to 1700°F in one hour

The most widely recognized industry standard for fireproof safes is the UL Class 350 1-hour fire rating. That means the internal temperature of safes won’t exceed 350°F for at least an hour when they’re exposed to over 1700°F. On the other hand, users can also choose safes with UL Class 350 2-hour fire rating. They can last in a fire at 350°F for at least 2 hours.

In most cases, the fireproofing of UL-certified safes is guaranteed to prevent burning. However, it also needs to note that fireproofing safes are not 100% effective because their performance still depends on the intensity and duration of the fire.

In addition, using insulating materials can effectively protect safes in heavy fire. It’s useful to line up some insulation inside the safe which can safeguard items of the safe from burning, even if the exterior metal of the safe getting melting.

Are Fireproof Safes Easy to Break Into?

For many cheap fireproof safes, their primary locking mechanism is a latch secured by a simple key lock. Therefore, they’re not completely secure because they can be pried open by a paper clip. Therefore, when purchasing fireproof safes, you need to pay attention to their safety by referring to the rating standard of the Underwriters Laboratories:

● Class B: Recommended for valuables under $5,000

● Class B/C: Recommended for valuables between $5,000 and $10,000

● Class RSC: Recommended for $15,000 of valuables

● Class C: Recommended for valuables of nearly $30,000.

● Class TL-15: The highest security level of safety is suitable for storing valuables worth up to $100,000 or more.

In addition, you can also refer to the following aspects when choosing or using the safe:

  1. Choose a quality key similar to door locks, or use the safe with a combination or digital lock.
  2. Select the safe with a deadbolt lock.
  3. Use pry-resistant hinges appropriately to prevent people from using a crowbar.
  4. Bolt the safe to the floor and supplement with a base.

Why Choose AIFEIBAO as Your Supplier

Established in 2009, AIFEIBAO has 13 years of experience in safe manufacture, making it a high-quality, safe supplier. The company adopts a streamlined process to achieve rapid and continuous production. In addition, AIFEIBAO has a construction area of 16,000 square meters with 10 production lines and 18 factories worldwide.

AIFEIBAO ‘s fireproof safes are highly fire-resistant, comply with the modified UL 72 standard for fire resistance, and can withstand fire at 1200 °F for 20 minutes. Moreover, they adopt a durable 14-gauge heavy-duty steel construction with 5 large 0.75″ bolts for superior safety performance.

We also provide other types of safes, including cabinet safes, fingerprint safes, luxury safes, deposit safes, etc. If you are looking for a trustworthy supplier, feel free to contact us!

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