Protect Your Luxury, Gain More Safety – With AIFEIBAO Hotel Room Safe
Use AIFEIBAO hotel room safes to make your customer enjoy safe storage.
Why Should You Install Hotel Room Safes

Have your customers complained about these problems?

Nowhere to Hide
If there aren’t any hotel safe boxes, where do they store their passport, money, wallet, and jewelry?
Scratches, moisture, accidental drop…All these unexpected behaviors will damage your customers’ property safety.
The hotel room is not 100% safe from theft.
How to Choose Sturdy Hotel Room Safes?
The large and heavier the hotel room safe is, the less opportunity for the theft to carry away the whole safe box. Of course, for small hotel safe boxes, you can fix them on the wall or any heavy object. AIFEIBAO offers you hotel safe boxes in various sizes, enabling you to balance the room space and hotel safe’s size.
Locking Bolt
The locking bolt is always the key to a sturdy safe box. It can significantly protect the safe from violent accessing behavior such as lockpicking, sawing, or cutting. AIFEIBAO adopts the classical
Box Protection
“The thicker the safe, the better” is not correct here. The hotel room safe need multiple layers of protection to enhance its strength and control the inner humidity. AIFEIBAO has adopted a multi-layer structure to ensure both safety and a sleek appearance.
Access Methods
Using keys as the way to open traditional safe boxes has increased the risk of being lockpicked. Also, it is messy for the customers to keep the key. To prevent this from happening, AIFEIBAO offers two convenient but protective ways to access the hotel safe box – by entering keywords or fingerprint. What’s more, our new models are designed with an auto-eject handle, enhancing their safety.
Where to Install Hotel Room Safes?
In the closet
On/Under the desk
Next to the bed
On the floor
Inside the drawer
AIFEIBAO Hotel Room Safe, Your No-other Choice
Steel Hotel Safe Box
AIFEIBAO hotel room safes are made of high-strength and sturdy steel and offer practical mounting solutions. Our safes can be bolted down anywhere – in the closet, on the desk, on the floor, or in the drawer.
Quality Made
Certificated quality is what you can see. Our ISO9001, ISO14001, ROHS, and CE certifications speak for our hotel room safes. They help us sustain our credibility and reputation.
High Protection
Featuring motorized steel locking bolts, concealed hinges, a recessed door, and a soft interior, offering all-around protection for your customer’s valuables.