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How to Choose the Right Deposit Safes for Your Business

Nowadays, Commercial Burglary is one of the common threats. As a result, this can have severe consequences for the business, such as significant financial problems. Since businesses deal with cash and valuable information daily, both need to be kept safe at all times.

Businesses are an attractive target for burglars, as the stolen objects are generally worth more than what they would find at a residential property. On the other hand, regardless of size and type, every business is an easy target for thieves. Therefore, all business owners must implement security measures to safeguard their properties from such risks. One efficient way to keep your valuables safe is by installing deposit safes. For example, the deposit safe can only be opened with a combination code or key to prevent unauthorized access to your guarded assets.

Investing in a high-quality safe with a hi-tech lock mechanism can save your business from colossal theft damage. This article will offer a complete guide on choosing a suitable deposit safe for your business. Keep reading!

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An overview of a deposit safe

  • What is a deposit safe?

A deposit safe, also called a commercial drop safe, is a security safe installed in various businesses to safeguard cash. On the other hand, deposit safes can also store valuable documents such as passports, credit cards, birth certificates, or title deeds. In general, this type of safe is used in a shop, restaurants, betting offices, petrol stations, banks, or post offices.

Safes typically have a slot or drawer on the top or front, depending on the size of the safe, into which employees can put deposits without opening the safe. Not only does this help keep deposits private and secure, but it also limits employees from seeing or stealing anything inside.

Therefore, the appeal of deposit safes is that anyone can deposit money into the safe, but only the holder of the key or security code can access the contents of the safe.

  • Types of deposit safes
  • Under counter/desk deposit safes

This type of deposit safe is placed under the counter or cash register to keep the safe hidden from direct view. Therefore, under counter/desk deposit safes are ideal for businesses dealing with regular physical cash inflow, such as banks, supermarkets, and retail stores.

  • Digital deposit safes

Instead of using a key to open and lock, a digital deposit safe is operated by a code entered through a numeric keypad. Therefore, digital deposit safes eliminate the need for keys, which are prone to be lost or stolen. For more information about the digital deposit safe, please check out our Deposit Safe Solutions.

  • Time delay deposit safes

The time-delay safe opens a set number of minutes after entering the access code, reducing the risk of theft. With this feature, even if the thieves manage to break into the safe, they can only wait for the safe to open before they can steal anything.

Why do you need a deposit safe for your business?

The cash drawer is easy to open and raid. Businesses that use deposit safes can prevent theft because employees cannot open the safe and hand over money during a robbery. Additionally, employees can quickly deposit deposits into safes, making them ideal in busy retail environments.

On the other hand, it is not unheard of for employees to steal from the workplace. A deposit safe also prevents theft by employees. For example, commercial drop safes restrict employee access to the cash reserves eliminating the need to worry about employee theft.

Things to consider before choosing deposit safes

  1. Size

The usage of the safe and where you plan to locate the safe will depend on its size. There are various sizes available for businesses. For example, smaller ones are usually placed under the counters near cash registers, and bigger ones are located in the manager’s or owner’s office.

  • Locking type

The most common locking types are dial and electronic keypad. Dial combinations are cost-efficient, and electronic keypads are easy to use and allow you to modify the code whenever you like.

  • Structural design

A well-made safe is made from solid steel. On the other hand, there are other structural designs of depository safes, such as concealed hinges, a thick metal door, and heavy-duty bolts.

  • Security level

The most common locking types of deposit safes are the dial, key, and electronic keypad. For example, dial combinations are cost-efficient, and electronic keypads are easy to use and allow you to modify the code at any time.

  • Budget

The features of a deposit safe determine its price. In general, the higher the price, the more features you get. Therefore, a lower price means the absence of some great and necessary features. When allocating the deposit safe budgets, you can consider the safe as an investment that will keep your business safe for a long time.

Why choose AIFEIBAO

AIFEIBAO was established in 2009. After years of development, the company has established manufacturing areas of 16,000 square meters, 10 product lines, and 18 factories. In addition, we have honed the craft of manufacturing safe products, applying a streamlined process for fast and continuous production.

Our full-service facility boasts strong and efficient production capabilities to meet your market’s demand for superior security products. For example, our Deposit Safe Solutions are ideal for hotels, gas stations, motels, restaurants, and any retail business. This safe has a solid design with an electronic lock and lock-out mode.

As a trusted safe producer and supplier, we provide a comprehensive range of safes and security products for your market and business. Contact us!

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