Small Size with Maximum Security

Mini Vault, Big Power – AIFEIBAO Small Safe

Where Does Small Safe Box Come in?

The small size also can have a big effect! The small safe box can strongly prevent burglary, ensuring the safety of important documents, jewelry, bank card, and other assets. In addition, their low price and ease of installation and move are suitable for family and enterprise use. Thus, even a small safe box can provide a reliable and secure service for your asset.

What Kinds of Small Safe Box Available?

Cabinet Fingerprint Home Safe Box
Fireproof Home Safe Box
Touch Screen Cabinet Safe Box

How to Make the Most of Mini Safe Boxes?

  • Hide the “goldmine” in the corner or bedroom wardrobe
  • Record your unique fingerprints and password
  • Turn off the knob to ensure permanent security

Where Need Small Safe Box are most needed?


  • Whether in a study room, bedroom, living room, or cloakroom, a small safe box provides an affordable safe for your real estate certificate, jewelry, watch, cash, and other valuable things.

Guesthouse and Hotel:

  • When you stay outside, what’s the most important is preventing your invaluable treasure from theft. The small safe box is a perfect choice.


It is important to ensure the security of each company’s top trade secrets, such as program documents and account books. And that’s where small safe boxes come in.

How Can You Select the Best Small Safe Box

  • Level of Security: Fire and anti-theft safety certification, the structure, and the lock type determine whether the small safe box can provide affordable safety for your assets.
  • Capacity and Size: If you want to make the most of a small safe box, consider the amount of your asset, the size of your free space, and your demand for storing items.
  • Brand Credibility: You can enjoy affordable safe by choosing a trustworthy brand without worrying about the warranty and quality of a small safe box.
  • Price and warranty: Use the least money to select the best small safe box while the warranty decides how carefree you are.

AIFEIBAO, Your Trusted Source for Small Safe Box

Established in 2009, AIFEIBAO has sophisticated experience in combining manufacturing and marketing. As a global leader in security products, AIFEIBAO Safe delivers ease in the residential and commercial markets. To go further, AIFEIBAO applies ingenuity and dedication to provide world-class products and services to clients worldwide.

Make the Best Small Safe for Home

AIFEIBAO feels honored to output high-end safes with four certifications as a trusted safe box producer and supplier.

Strong Manufacturing ability

Available to 10 production lines, 18 factories worldwide, and 5 million pcs annual output.

Up-to-date Production Equipment

Produce small safe with advanced equipment during cutting, bending, punching, welding, painting, and assembling.

 Satisfying Services

We service our clients with consultation service available 24/7 and customized products.