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Are These Annoying Things Messed up Your Stored Treasures?


AIFEIBAO Smart Safes Can Help!

AIFEIBAO smart safe safeguards your treasures with its rugged and capable features, letting your valuables stay away from the loss caused by dust, moisture, pest, and theft.

Latest-Launched Secured Storing Solutions

AIFEIBAO has recently released five smart safes to meet various needs in different scenarios. They are:

Details about the Upcoming AIFEIBAO Smart Safe Box

This high-end safe comes with the following features:


● Tuya IOT technology: It supports a smart security system and features a vibration alarm, two accesses control, a low battery alarm, an open record, and automatic locking after inputting wrong passwords more than three times.
● I-WISDOM smart control: This system has optimized fingerprint identification and increased the speed of accessing the smart safe.
● Guardian-M3 system: The integration of high performance, low energy consumption, and high stability.
●Dual channel access: Open the smart safe box with fingerprints, passwords, or both.


● Multi-point linkage mechanism: The smart safes can fully protect interior items when being violently accessed.
● Multi-layer protective structure: It ensures the stability of interior temperature and humidity.
● Anti-moisture interior partitions: They are convenient to maintain and prevent moisture from invading your treasures.
● Hidden handle: The handle of the AIFEIBAO smart safe will only eject when the correct passwords are entered.


● Leather storage drawer: This high-end safe protects your jewelry from being scratched inside the luxury safe box.
● Key hanging hooks: No need to hunt for your keys in the security safe box.
● Concealed bottom drawer: You can store the most private items here.

Applications of AIFEIBAO Smart Safes


AIFEIBAO smart safes can be placed under the desk, at the corner, or inside your bookshelf. Store the business files, official seals, keys, and USB flash drives in the AIFEIBAO smart lock safe.


You can place AIFEIBAO smart safes in the study room, bedroom, living room, and cloakroom. Fill them with the real estate certificate, jewelry, watch, cash, and other valuable things inside.


It is important to offer the clients a security safe box to hide their valuable items and let them rest assured.

How to Use AIFEIBAO Smart Safes

Step one: input the original password and change it to a new one.

Step two:
Record your fingerprint on your mobile phone through the
I-WISDOM system on the tuya APP.

Step three:
 Enjoy your storage!

AIFEIBAO, Your Trusted Source for Security Products

Founded in 2009, AIFEIBAO has more than 13 years of safe manufacturing experience in the safety field. AIFEIBAO is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of smart safes, luxury safes, and other security safe boxes. We use ingenuity and dedication to provide partners with world-class products and services. We stand out in the following points:

● High-Quality Products

We keep honing our ability to output high-end safes with four certifications.

Strong Manufacturing Capability

We have 10 production lines, 18 factories worldwide, and 5 million pcs annual output.

Latest Production Equipment

Advanced equipment can be seen anywhere during cutting, bending, punching, welding, painting, and assembling.

Satisfying Services

Our team will answer your questions 24hrs/7day and can customize our products for our clients.

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