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Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Safe

According to annual data from the U.S. Department of Justice, there are 2.5 million burglaries in the U.S. each year, and more than half of them are home invasions. Fortunately, with security systems becoming more affordable and available, protecting your home from outside intrusions is easier.

For example, valuables such as jewelry, firearms, cash, and important business documents can be stored in a high-security safe. High-security safes are certified and recognized by third-party laboratories for their tool resistance, fire rating, and cash rating. These ratings ensure the safe can protect its contents from theft, break-in, fire, and other extreme conditions.

However, there are various safes on the market. Therefore, it’s important and inevitable to consider some key factors before buying. This article will offer a safe buying guide. Keep reading!

Several Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Safe

  1. Safe Size

Safe size is one of the main considerations. Safes are measured by their internal storage space. Manufacturers measure height, width, and depth to give storage dimensions.

First, consider how many items you want to store in the safe. Next, determine how much space the safe will take up in the room. This entails checking that its doors can be opened without obstructing walls or other objects.

A larger safe provides more space for items but will take up more than expected. However, we recommend purchasing a slightly larger safe as there might be more items in the safe in the future.

  • Safe Lock

The following are the several types of locks to consider for safes:

  • Dial or combination lock has millions of password options, which is very secure. It will take a long time if someone tries to get into the safe.
  • Another locking option is the number pad. This lock type makes it easier for the owner to enter the safe, as only the numbers need to be entered on the keyboard. Additionally, this type of safe automatically locks if too many failed attempts are made.
  • A more technologically advanced lock is the biometric lock, which is fast and highly secure. This will open using fingerprint or voice recognition, or retina scan.
  • The simplest and cheapest type is locks that open with a key. This safe tends to be less secure than other options because the keys can be stolen and copied.

  • Burglary Rating

The construction of the safe and the type of steel used help determine its resistance to burglars. The only way to confirm the burglary resistance of a safe is to check its TL rating. The TL rating measures how long a safe can withstand an attack from a tool. As with the UL fire rating, the higher the TL rating, the higher the burglary resistance. For example, a TL-15 safe can resist attacks from standard mechanical and electrical tools for 15 minutes.

  • Fire Rating

To ensure the safe is fireproof, you should check that it is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rated. A safe with a UL rating means it has passed the stringent fire tests conducted by UL. Some of these ratings include:

  • 1/2 Hour – UL class E Safe
  • 1 Hour – UL class D Safe
  • 1 Hour Plus – UL class C Safe
  • 2 Hour – UL class B Safe
  • 4 Hour – UL class A Safe

  • Safe Location

One of the most effective ways to protect your belongings from theft is to store them in a hidden or inconspicuous safe. Therefore, wall safes and floor safes are some common options. For example, wall-mounted safes can be securely bolted into grooves in the wall and hidden by paintings or posters. On the other hand, floor safes will be harder to pry out of their installations because they are designed to be concrete embedded into the floor. This type of safe can also be covered with thick rugs.

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