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Top Five Home Safety and Security Stats and Facts (2023)

Burglary is entering a house or building illegally without permission and committing a crime. Theft, robbery, or murder can happen during the burglary, and the consequences can be severe. Adopting some good habits, such as locking doors and windows and installing a home security system, can help to keep the house, garage, apartment, and personal security safe, preventing the theft of valuable belongings.

This article presents five burglary statistics and facts in recent years and introduces the benefits of a home security system for burglary prevention.

Five burglary statistics and facts

Here are five statistics and facts regarding burglaries that those concerned about home security should know.

  1. According to statistics from the National Rifle Association, there was a burglary every 28.3 seconds in 2019. Combined with the FBI’s burglary statistics, it can be concluded that 62.8% of burglaries are more likely to occur in residential than non-residential locations. Moreover, only 32.5% of all family property crimes are reported to the police. Some victims may feel that the police cannot help them recover stolen property or fear retaliation.
  • A burglary’s impact is reflected in the value of the stolen property and the causation that can create further financial losses. According to Department of Justice crime statistics, property crimes cost the economy $15.8 billion in 2019. The data also means that 101.4 people have become victims of property crimes for every thousand households. And also, burglary accounts for 16% of property crimes, according to the FBI.
  • Most burglaries occur between 10 am and 3 pm when people are away to work or school. Whether burglars find valuables, they only stay inside the house for 8 to 12 minutes. Plus, the bedroom is often filled with valuables such as jewelry, electronics, and presents, so it is usually the first target for most burglars.
  • Research has shown that burglars tend to avoid homes with home security systems. Most burglars will check to see if the target has a home security system before entering a home. For example, only 36 million of the 1,275.9 billion U.S. households have a home security system. Homes without a security system are 2.71 times more likely to be burglarized than other homes.
  • According to the FBI’s theft statistics, the average loss per theft in 2019 was as high as $2,661. Burglars are usually most interested in presents, jewelry, electronic devices, and firearms. For this reason, it is essential to have a home security system or a high-quality safe to protect these important items.

Facts about home security

The purpose of a home security system is to protect personal property and provide peace of mind for the people. Many burglars will take the path of least resistance to commit their crimes. Home security systems, especially those that combine cameras, motion detection, and adequate lighting, are some of the best crime deterrents.

In addition to home security systems, safes are crucial in protecting valuables. The safe can store cash, jewelry, essential documents, and dangerous items, whether it is at home or in the company. It has the advantage of preventing loss, theft, and natural disaster. Furthermore, placing dangerous items in the safe, such as guns and knives, can significantly avoid being found by children and burglars at home, protecting the family’s safety.

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