AIFEIBAO SAFE FAQs: Who We Are, What We Do, and Why We Are Competent

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Who Are We?


AIFEIBAO’s headquarter is in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. Welcome to visit us at any time!

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AIFEIBAO was established in 2009, and for almost two decades, our company has manufactured and supplied partners worldwide with trusted.


AIFEIBAO is a reliable safe manufacturer for both residential and commercial markets. The company provides high-quality custom safety products and a comprehensive range of safe wholesale.

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What do we offer?

Our product range covers the following:

  • gun safes, pistol safes, cabinet safes,
  • fingerprint safes, luxury safes, economic safes,
  • hotel safes, deposit safes, and fireproof safes.

In addition to AIFEIBAO safe, we can also design and manufacture custom safes according to our client’s requirements. 

AIFEIBAO Safes Applications

You will need a security safe box for storing your contracts, seals, trade secret files, data storage drives, etc.

Protect your jewelry, watches, and cashes with the most reliable AIFEIBAO safe.


Ensure the confidential files are safe & sound.


Store the guns and weapons in sturdy AIFEIBAO security safe boxes.

High-Standard Manufacture – AIFEIBAO Safe

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You can contact us to submit your safe customization requirements. Our team will then proceed by designing your product and providing you with a quotation. After defining the exact specs of the sample you requested, we will manufacture and confirm the quality of this customized sample. Once these steps are completed, we will be ready for the mass production of your custom security safe boxes. Appearance, color, lock style, safe size, accessories, and interiors can all be customized. Click here to learn more about customization.

After you place an order with AIFEIBAO, you are covered by a 1-year warranty. If you have any problems or puzzles, you can ask our customer services. We have professionals reacting to your need in no time and following the case until it is resolved perfectly.

To place an order with AIFEIBAO, you can contact us and specify your requirements. In particular, you can mention the type of safe, the application, and your expectations in terms of lead time/budget. Once we receive your message, our sales representatives will respond as soon as possible. Contact us now to request a quotation!

We ship our safes all around the world.