About AIFEIBAO Safe Factory

To meet your market’s demand for superior safety safe deposit boxes, AIFEIBAO as a safe deposit box supplier provides full service facilities, strong and efficient production capacity to bring you AIFEIBAO safes that fully meet expectations.


Production Lines


Manufacturing Area

5M pcs

Annual Output


Factories All over the World

Highlights in Manufacturing

AIFEIBAO safe factory has honed the craft of manufacturing safety products at a high level, applying a streamlined process for fast and continuous production.

Advanced Equipment Ensure Superior Quality

Understanding that the quality of our products relies on the equipment we work with, AIFEIBAO safe supplier uses the latest production equipment in manufacturing our world-class safes.

AIFEIBAO is the Best Safe Supplier

As a trusted safe supplier and producer, we provide a comprehensive range of safes and security products and open up a path for your market and business.

Need More Safe Support?

Need a complete safe design drawing or a competitive safe marketing plan? AIFEIBAO provides you with the best OEM safe solution.