【More Secure Safe】The AIFEIBAO/AFB home & office Cabinet safe security safe is made of low carbon alloy steel material for secure protection. Equip with strong solid locking bolts and door panels, providing physical protection against forced entry.
【Super Large Inner Space】The large inner space with a removable shelf allows you to keep all of your valuables safe such as cash, jewelry, laptop, guns, documents, and so on. The inside fireproof cabinet safe box provides one more protection for your property
【Digital Lock with Emergency Key】The combination offers two ways to access your valuables. The digital password will give you faster access to the safe; The emergency key could open the digital home safe if you forget the personal code or are out of battery. Moreover, this cabinet safe is equipped with a second barrier (master key) so that even if someone gets your emergency key or code, they will be shut out of the safe.
【Warning Alarm System】The cabinet alarm system will be activated after 3 times of failed passcode attempts or violent vibrations. By entering the correct code, you can stop the alarm, or you can use both the master key and emergency key to open the door and press the reset button. AIFEIBAO/AFB digital home safe is watching out for the security of your property!
【Great Safe for Multiple Places】The cabinet safe comes with a set of accessories. The package includes mounting bolts that allow you to install the safe box on the wall. The exquisite design and classic colors will fit perfectly into multiple places, such as your home, office, or hotel, becoming one of the stylish decorations.

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