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Are Hotel Room Safes Really Safe?

Most hotels would like to provide additional security measures for guests by installing safes in each room. In many ways, safes help to increase the level of basic security measures that can be taken. Hotels provide visitors with additional means to preserve their valuables under protection and out of sight. This article discusses how safe it is to leave valuables in hotel safes.

Overview of Hotel Room Safes

  • What Kind of Safes Do Hotels Generally Use?

Electronic safes are the preferred type of safes used in most hotel rooms. This type is often used because hotel safes must have programming functions. The combination must be constantly reset so that every new guest staying in the room can use the safe. The ability to reprogram the combination is convenient for hotel guests and can provide a sense of security, knowing that their valuables are hidden.

  • How Much Can A Hotel Room Safe Be Stored?

The size of an average safe in a hotel room ranges from 1.2 to 2 cubic feet. It is enough for laptops, larger electronic devices, and other medium-sized items. Personal items such as cameras, iPods, tablets, and jewelry fall into this category.

Reasons Why Ordinary Hotel Room Safes Are Not Completely Safe

  • External Access

All hotels have a back door or a “special way” so that staff can get into the safe if a guest loses a key or a card to the safe or doesn’t remember the code, while others may have a special lock code to open the door.

  • Outdated Materials  

Hotel safes are no different from other technologies, like smartphones or household appliances. They are constantly changing, and the latest product is better than the current or previous one. Technologies are constantly being improved, and electronic locks and safes are no exception.

  • Easy To Breach   

The most important reason is that they are easy to crack. It doesn’t take long to bypass the electronic safe in the hotel if a thief knows what to do. Some tricks and tactics can be used to open the hotel safe without a combination.

  • Obvious Location   

The thieves are looking for safes in places hidden from prying eyes but still easily accessible to residents. It is usually a cabinet or a shelf under the TV next to the microwave. Hotel rooms are usually too small, and safes are usually placed in the same place.

AIFEIBAO Hotel Room Safe Solutions

Therefore, ordinary hotel safes cannot fully ensure the safety of things. However, AIFEIBAO safes guarantee 100% security, as our hotel safes provide personal protection thanks to a programmable digital lock. It is equipped with 2 motorized steel locking bolts for extra safety. There are also hidden hinges and an insulated door, which are designed so that no one can open the safe.

Another important feature is that AIFEIBAO/AFB hotel room safes are made of steel, which also serves as reliable protection for the safe storage of valuables.

Founded in 2009, AIFEIBAO has 13 years of safe manufacturing experience in the safety field. It makes our company a reliable manufacturer, a high-quality and safe supplier. AIFEIBAO provides world-class products to many partners. In addition, the company offers an extensive line of safes and security products for residential and commercial markets.

AIFEIBAO/AFB hotel room safes are excellent steel safes. They come with mounting hardware and can be bolted to the inside of a cabinet, shelf, table, or wooden floor. In addition, it will protect the valuables of vacationers from theft and hacking as much as possible.

 AIFEIBAO – is a professional and reliable supplier of safes; contact us to cooperate!

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