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Best hidden safe ideas for 2023

Today’s burglars are more technologically advanced than ever, so how to prevent theft has become a top concern for many families. Preventing the theft of valuable items is a multifaceted process. Therefore, high-quality safes have become the choice of many families. A well-designed safe can not only prevent important items from being stolen but also be protected in the event of a disaster.

The safety of a safe depends on where it is stored. Placing a safe in an obvious location increases the chances of a thief finding and snatching it during a burglary, so it pays to park it somewhere inconspicuous and inaccessible. So we’ve put together a list of safe areas to store safes to minimize the risk of them being found.

Best uncommon places to hide a safe

  1. In the attic

Areas such as attics and basements are great for hiding safes in a house. In the case of attics, many require a pull-down ladder to access. And while most thieves start looking for valuables in master bedrooms, attics are one of the least popular places.

AiFeiBao’s GF5930 safe is very suitable for placing in the attic. GF5930 safe can be placed in the attic to ensure that it will not be moved easily. The lock of this safe has three security designs, including a key, password, and fingerprint. In addition, the GF5930 safe is fireproof and waterproof and can also store 51 long guns at a time.

2. In the wall

Wall safes are well positioned, and besides the advanced locking mechanism, the sheer height of the safe keeps small children away from valuables such as important documents, jewelry, and handguns.

AFB-OP35 is suitable as a safe place in the wall. This product is just the right size, with enough capacity to store all valuables. This safe is also equipped with 4 expansion screws for easy installation anywhere in the home.

3. Under the stair treads

Certain types of stair treads can be modified and turned into a hiding places for safes. Turn a step on the stairs into a compartment big enough to hold a small safe. When burglars prowl the house, they would never think of a safe hidden under the stairs.

Aifeibao’s Pistol Box Security Safe is perfect for placing under the stairs. This safe is specially designed for guns and can also store valuables such as jewelry and coins. The design of this safe is relatively thin, light, and compact, with triple protection of password, fingerprint, and key.

4. Behind a mirror or a painting

A mirror or a painting is similar to a hidden door. For ordinary observers, this is just an ordinary decoration, and only insiders know that there is a safe hidden behind it. Hide a safe behind a mirror or painting, the security and privacy can be guaranteed.

BGX-M/D-23-QC fingerprint lock home safe can be installed behind a mirror or painting. This safe can store cash, documents, jewelry, and watches. The knob access provides triple security protection of password, fingerprint, and key.

5. As a bedside table

As the saying goes, the safest place is the most dangerous place. A safe like a bedside table can be well hidden among furniture and not be suspected.

The BGX-M/D1-50-CTG Cabinet Fingerprint Home Safe manufactured by Aifeibao can be used as a bedside safe. This product can store cash, documents, jewelry, and watches in the home or office. In addition, the Luxury Digital Panel Home Safe Home has multiple levels of security to protect your belongings and intelligently prevent theft.

Aifeibao is a company specializing in the manufacture and production of safes. The company has a complete assembly line from design and manufacture to production. The factory has a high level of safe product manufacturing technology, and the streamlined technology can be used for rapid and continuous production. Aifeibao offers a full range of safes and security products, using ingenuity and dedication to provide customers with world-class products and services, and is a reliable, safe manufacturer and supplier.

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