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Best Home Safes for 2023: Ways to Secure Your Home

In recent years, burglary has become more common. In fact, in 2017, the FBI reported 1,401,840 burglaries. The average burglary lasts 8 to 10 minutes. Some burglaries can be as fast as 90 seconds. In 2019, the FBI reported over $3 billion in burglary-related losses. Among them, 46.9% do not have a home security system installed. This shocking statistic should be enough to make anyone re-examine their home security.

Home security systems are designed to protect family property from burglary, fire, and other environmental disasters. Taking simple precautions can greatly reduce the risk of theft. This article discusses some ways to ensure home security.

5 ways to secure the home

Proper security measures can help protect personal items as well as prevent and deter thieves from stealing. Here are 5 simple ways that can help to make the home safer:

  1. Secure the door and windows

Typically, thieves enter a home through doors and windows. Exterior windows and doors can be checked for solid framing, hinges are protected, or a locksmith or window company set up the most secure windows and doors to prevent thieves from entering the home through them. In addition, changing the locks and getting a new set of keys are recommended when moving into a new place. This prevents anyone with the old key from gaining access to the home.

2. Lighting up the landscape

Thieves prefer to hide in the dark and wait for an opportunity. Therefore, lights can be placed around front and back yards, pathways, garages, and other outdoor structures. Using adequate outdoor lighting can give thieves nowhere to hide and keep the yard safe for walks at night.

3. Repair the house

The integrity of the home structure is also crucial to prevent burglary, as thieves may gain access through damaged areas of the home. Therefore, the family member can inspect the house regularly, repair cracks, and replace window panes to prevent thieves from opening their homes.

4. Confidentiality of personal itinerary

About three-quarters of the burglaries occurred when residents were not at home. Therefore, if there is no one at home for a long time, the valuables in the house should be locked in a safe and hidden. Timed lights that turn on and off regularly can make the home look like someone is there. Also, if a family travels, minimizing personal posting information on social media until they get home can avoid thieves’ attention.

5. Get a safe

If thieves enter the home, the home safe is extremely important. A home safe is a place to store everything from jewelry to important documents. According to different working principles of passwords, anti-theft safes can be divided into mechanical and electronic insurance. Cheaper prices and more reliable performance characterize the mechanical safe. An electronic safe is the application of electronic locks with intelligent control methods such as electronic passwords and IC cards to safes. It is characterized by easy use, and the password can be changed frequently.

Things to consider before buying a safe

Home safes have become a necessity for more and more families. It keeps money, personal belongings, and other valuables safe. Safes protect children from dangerous items such as guns, knives, and chemicals. Here are some things to consider before buying a safe:

– Size

Size or capacity all depends on what is stored in the safe. The best thing to do before buying a safe is to measure the largest item you intend to protect. Buyers should reserve 20%-30% more interior space before purchasing a safe. Because there is a difference in the safe’s interior and exterior dimensions, and the extra sections allow for extra room for new items.

– Type

Buyers must consider the items’ type and degree of protection before purchasing a safe. For example, non-transferable paper documents and records can usually be stored in a fire-resistant safe. If items consist primarily of valuables such as cash, bullion, coins, or jewelry, they should be stored in an appropriate theft-proof safe.

– Price

Safes range in price from reasonably small fire safes to very expensive jewelry safes. Buyers need to consider the price range they can afford before buying a safe that suits them. In general, cheap or second-hand safes are less secure and are not perfect protection against theft or natural disasters.

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