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How to Use Hotel Room Safes

Nowadays, almost every hotel room has a safe for storing valuables. However, most guests need to learn how to use the safe correctly, so they often do not use it. The hotel room’s safety only guarantees 100% safety of your documents and valuables. It is still a safer option than just leaving things unattended in the open areas of the hotel room.

This article discusses what hotel safes there are and how best to choose them and use them correctly.

Steps to Use Hotel Room Safes

Hotel room safes belong to the group of special safes. These safes store valuables inside hotel rooms and are small in size, with relatively thin walls and special locks. All this makes working with the safe for guests and hotel staff easier. After all, the most important thing in safes is the opening speed for ease of use in hotels.

Hotel room safes are divided into several common types, such as:

  • Traditional Lock Safe;
  • Mechanical Lock Code Safe;
  • Electronic Code Safe:
  • Electronic Code with A Programming Button or Key;
  • Electronic Code with A Single-Use Code.

These common types of hotel room safes are also used in different ways.

  • Traditional Lock Safe

Using a traditional safe lock is similar to using a conventional lock. To open the safe, first, you need to open the lock, for this:

1. Insert the key to open the safe’s lock and remove the locking bolt.

2. Turn the safe handle to pull the locking bolts into the open position.

3. Pull the door towards you, then the safe will open.

To close the safe, press the door back against the door frame and turn the handle the other way to extend the locking bolts fully and tightly close the traditional lock on the safe.

  • Mechanical Lock Code Safe

This type of safe is quite old, so it is rare in hotels. To set the lock code for this safe, you need to do the following steps:

1. Create a combination of numbers you can remember and enter at the right time (it is recommended to write down the password somewhere).

2. Press and hold the mechanical button of the safe.

3. Keep holding this button and set your password.

4. Release the mechanical button of the safe.

5. Encrypt the entered password.

Remember to try it out the first few times before closing the safe door with your valuable documents and belongings.

  • Electronic Code Safe

Now, most of the safes in hotel rooms are electronic, which makes them very easy to use. When using this safe, you do not need to encrypt the code on them. Such safes are also relatively easy to use, but it is worth practicing opening the safe doors for further use.

Electronic code safes are divided into 2 types: Electronic code with a programming button or key and electronic code with a single-use code.

  1. Electronic Code with A Programming Button or Key

In most safes, the lock turns on and off when the door opens. If this doesn’t happen, try closing it without any changes and then unlocking it. To operate this safe:

1. Come up with a combination that you can remember.

2. Continue and dial the combination once.

3. Press the # or enter button.

4. Dial the combination again to confirm your code.

5. Press enter or # again to enter the code (sometimes it is the * button depending on the model).

  • Electronic Code with A Single-Use Code

This is the most common type of safe in a hotel room. Every time you use the safe, you must select a code. Use the same code throughout your stay to keep things simple.

This type of safe is extremely easy to use for its users. But, as with the other mentioned models of safes, it is best to practice with the door open once or twice.

1. While the door is open, dial the code.

2. Click Close. (Now, the door will be closed and securely fastened).

When you’re ready to open it:

1. Enter the code you came up with.

2. Press the open button (you will hear the lock click).

3. Now you can open the door.

What Should be Considered for Choosing A Hotel Room Safe?

When choosing a safe in a hotel room, hotel managers should take into account the following requirements:

• Reliability. This is perhaps the main requirement for hotel safes, the better the protection, the less likely the guest will lose valuable things.

• Convenient use. The guest should have no problems figuring out how to use the safe correctly. To do this, a clear front panel with operating instructions should be placed on it.

• Correctly selected dimensions. Hotel room safes should not be too large or too small. It won’t be easy to place if it is too big, so it does not interfere. If the hotel safe is too small, it may not fit expensive appliances. 

• Easy operation. For the guest to easily put and take out their belongings, the safe door should open 180 degrees, and there should be a built-in backlight.

AIFEIBAO Hotel Room Safe Solutions

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