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4 Common Safe Burglary Techniques & How Homeowners Can Defend Themselves

Recently, cases of theft in homes have become more frequent. Home burglars know many methods when trying to break into home safes. However, safe manufacturers have studied the most common ways to crack safes over the years and implemented the latest security features. This article discusses 4 Common Safe Burglary Techniques and how Homeowners Can Protect access to a safe.

4 Common Safe Burglary Techniques

Burglars break into home safes in various ways, the most common of which are these 4 methods.

  1. Utilizing Try-Out Combinations

Many safe crackers break into household safes simply by trying to open them with the help of special combinations installed by manufacturers. Such combinations are called trial combinations and are classic combinations commonly used by many manufacturers of safes. However, since many safes owners must change combinations after buying them, many must remember to do this.

2. Prying the Door Open

Some safe crackers open its door with a tire iron or other methods. However, knowing this hacking method, many modern safes are equipped with functions designed to prevent safe doors from being hacked.

3. Drilling into the Safe

Drilling safes with hand drills is another common way to crack them. Many burglars drill into the main lock or next to it, trying to disable the safe.

4. Torching the Safe

The last way to open a safe is to set fire to a hole in its metal exterior. Since most metals melt when exposed to extremely high temperatures, this method can work on many safes.

How Homeowners Can Defend Themselves

  • By understanding the special properties of safes, you can prevent their break-ins. The main properties are these criteria.
  • The first step after purchasing a household safe is to replace the tested combination with a new one. It must be unique and different from the original combination originally programmed in the safe’s lock.
  • To prevent robbers from drilling and to open the safe, it is necessary to purchase a safe equipped with a cobalt plate. It is located between the outside of the door and the locking mechanism. Because most drills cannot penetrate through these heavy-duty cobalt plates, burglars will not be able to open the safe by drilling it.
  • Robbers cannot drill the safe’s lock when equipped with a re-locking function. When drilling such safe, many additional locks will immediately turn on and will keep the safe door closed every time.
  • To prevent the kidnappers from opening the safe door, necessary to purchase safes with snap-on door tabs or doors equipped with internal hinges instead of external ones. Such details of safes will protect its opening and make it difficult to open it with a tire iron.
  • To protect the safe from arson, necessary to buy a safe with a simple composite wall construction. Such special walls usually consist of a single layer of fire-resistant concrete and extremely fire-resistant material sandwiched between two layers of metal. Since the cement layer in these safes does not melt at high temperatures, burglars cannot open the safe by setting it on fire.

Knowing all these functions of safes, homeowners can protect valuables. To meet all the needs of safe owners, it is important to purchase high-quality safes from trusted manufacturers.

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