How to Choose an Office Safe?

Build Your Home Castle with an Electronic Safe

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How to Choose an Office Safe?

Build Your Home Castle with an Electronic Safe

More Safe Solutions

About Office Safe

What Is an Office Safe?

An office safe (or business safe) is an enclosed iron storage unit placed in your office, which is designed to protect the stored valuable items from fire, dust, moisture, and theft. Usually, it is made of high-strength metal that endows the office safe with fire-proof and bullet-proof capabilities. By adopting multiple ways to encrypt the access, such as keys, codes, and fingerprints, office safe boxes secure the privacy of your stored items.

Why Do You Need an Office Safe?

Store Valuables Properly

Gather all the important things in business safes in case you have to overturn trunks and cabinets to hunt documents. There must be a variety of valuable things in your business that need to be stored properly and can be easily accessed the next time. Office safes are where you can place all of them, including paper files, seals, and digital storing devices with important data.

Avoid Unexpected Damages

Fire, water, dust, and pest are all threatening the files and devices that carry your business’s confidential information. To keep them away from any damage, you should choose high-quality office file safes to secure your vulnerable property.

Prevent Violent Thefts

Trade secret theft has long been a threat in vicious business competition. However, a high-strength office safe can be the last but most powerful guard to prevent thefts from stealing your stored valuables.

Installation advice

Where to Place Office Safes?

One thing to do before purchasing office safes is to find an area in your office and measure its size to find a perfect-fit safe. There are mainly four places in offices where you can install office safe boxes:

  1. Under the desk. This offers the most convenience as you can access the business safe at any time even without standing up.
  2. In the wall.You can insert a safe on the wall and hang a picture to hide it.
  3. In the shelf. This is a good option for both easy installation and concealment.
  4. Corner.If your office is in an area where earthquakes may happen, placing the business safe at the corner of two walls is wise for you.

In addition, we recommend you fix the office safe with expansion screws if possible, leaving no chance for the thefts to take your whole safe away.

Office safe buying guide

How to Choose the Best Office Safe?

1.High-Strength Material

Choose an office safe with a solid structure made of high-strength material. AIFEIBAO safes are made of alloy steel with features of low carbon and high density, which are strong enough to bear hard strikes.

2.Fast Access

A fast-access safe offers you the convenience of getting your files and seals at any time. AIFEIBAO safes adopt semiconductor fingerprint technology to support fast access.

3.Narrow Stitch

Leave no chance for thefts to pry your office safe or let pests creep into your safe. AIFEIBAO uses precise laser-cut technology to make narrow stitches between the door and the box.

4.Fire-Proof Ability

Choose a fire-proof office safe that can endure high temperatures without deforming. The applied carbon tool steel endows AIFEIBAO office safes with the ability to endure high temperatures.

5.Textured Lined Interior

The interior is also important to resist moisture and avoid scratches. For example, AIFEIBAO office safes attach soft leather or fabric inside the safe to prevent moisture and scratches.

6.Smart Alarm System

This is important to alert the unnormal situation to you at once. If the entered code is wrong, AIFEIBAO office safes will alarm for 20 seconds.

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